Pottery artist

#3 Enjoy your life

Norihiro Takimoto and Noriko

There was a period when he was newly-married, that he ate very old rice every day, and when he got the chance to eat new rice in his neighbor’s house, he was impressed with the taste.
He has been happily married to his wife Noriko for more than 30 years. She adores her husband for he has been living his life beyond his common sense, for he is a person who always thinks outside of the box.

Takimoto’s international students

Mr. Takimoto’s motto is “Experience is everything”, he wants to see and experience a lot of things for he believes that experience makes our lives more enjoyable.He has an active relationship with international students, because through his interactions with them, he is able to experience new things that are unusual in his life. Mr. Takimoto simply wants to live happily by saying, “Life is short, enjoy your life.”

Takimoto’s international students

Ms. Lifan is from New York and is one of Mr. Takimoto’s international students.

Norihiro Takimoto

As I went on through my journey, I had a lot of fun experiences, and I also feel happy when I see other people enjoying the moment. I want the younger generation to realize that there are many roads in life that they could take to achieve their dreams. I suggest before you decide who you are as a person, make sure that you have experienced a lot of different things and have acquired a variety of knowledge on your own.


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