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Norihiro Takimoto

Mr. Norihiro Takimoto was born in 1950. After graduating high school in Asahikawa, he went at the University in Osaka to pursue a degree in Science and Engineering, but, he eventually dropped out of college because he felt that the course was not for him. After that, Mr. Takimoto chose to undergo pottery training in Kyoto for almost one year. After graduating from the school, he trained for another three years under a new mentor.

Norihiro Takimoto

Mr. Takimoto has a laid-back taste when it comes to his choice of music, his favorite music is modern jazz, and he enjoys listening to such tunes on the radio while at work. He listens to music to match his mood, getting his groove on. He sometimes listens to heavy metal songs as well.

These are Mr. Takimoto’s favorite places:

The Rakuda Café

The Rakuda Café, is his place for relaxing,
and he sometimes take his international students for a cup of coffee.

The Kitoushi Forest Park

The Kitoushi Forest Park

Higashikawa The Town of Photography

He also likes places where there are no people to take his dog, “Kouetsu”, for walks.

The Shrines

The Shrines and temples in the town of Higashikawa satisfies
his interest of things from the past, such as antiques.

Norihiro Takimoto

At the time when he moved to the town of Higashikawa, he had a goatee and a mustache and long hair, looked like a hiden member of "THE GRATEFUL DEAD”. The town received him warmly, the neighborhood was kind towards him, and taught him the basics of country living.


The town of Higashikawa is a community of cooperative, understanding and easy to be with people. They do not intend to interfere with the lives of each and every one, yet, they are always willing to lend a hand when one is in need of help.


  • 44-1 kita Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
  • 0166-82-4386
  • 10:00am - 5:00pm / Closed on every Wednesday