Coffee shop owner

#1 Adventure

I'm originally from the Yorkshire Dales in the United Kingdom. I'm often asked, why did you come to Japan? Why did you choose Higashikawa? The truth is, it's just the result of a series of randomly taken opportunities.

Craft Road

Craft Road

When I was 21 when like many people in the UK, I decided I wanted to travel.
I'd always wanted to go to Australia and so, I did. I flew from London to Adelaide and ended up spending almost 2 years in Australia. There I worked in a variety of jobs, including Apricot picking, Air-conditioning installation, I worked on a vineyard and finally I got work at my friend's Backpackers (Youth Hostel) / Travel Agent's (in exchange for free accommodation).

Studio roaster

Whilst working at the Backpackers I met many people from Japan and made friends with a few too. When my time in Australia came to an end, I decided to take a trip to Japan to visit those friends before returning to Yorkshire and so I flew straight to Tokyo.
I stayed 3 weeks and loved it. I promised myself that I would find a way to return to Japan for a longer trip.

After returning to the UK I looked into the possibilities of becoming an English teacher in Japan and decided that my best option was to become qualified and so I went to college and studied to get my Teaching qualification through Trinity College, London.

Later that year I was offered a job to start the following year in Saitama(North of Tokyo).
I took it and once again arrived in Japan in March 1999.
I have lived in Japan ever since with just a short trip for travel and work to Oman and Italy.


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