Masahiro HIRATA

Tofu Master

#3 His dream

Hirata TOfu

Before the growth of Mr. Hirata’s Tofu Store, he experienced some failures.

However, Mr. Hirata chose not to further dwell on his failure stories, rather, he said with a smile, “If I hit a brick wall, I’ll get over it! If so, it would not be a failure then.”

His forward-looking attitude makes the people around him feel positive as well.

Mr. Hirata also shared his future dream of being able to expand as a tofu specialty restaurant and be an overall food company that will be an avenue to help spread and make Hirata Tofu known to the world as an embodiment of Japanese sweets.

His eyes were shining like a little boy’s eyes when he was telling his grand dream.

In 2012, his son decided to take over the tofu store. When Mr. Hirata was 50 years old, he passed down the tofu-making business to his son, who was 22 years old then, and to his trusted employees.

With a happy mood, he teased, “I made the stage, and my son only dances on it.”

We are looking forward that Hirata Tofu Store may further progress in Higashikawa Town, and throughout the nation.


  • 44-1 kita Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
  • 0166-82-4386
  • 10:00am - 5:00pm / Closed on every Wednesday