Masahiro HIRATA

Tofu Master

#1 Way of Life

Masahiro Hirata was born in 1963 as the second son of the Hirata family.As a boy, he liked vehicles and was always active running around town.His father was the owner of the family tofu store, and also a rice farmer.When he was a first year student in junior high school, his father suddenly passed away because of cancer.After the sad turn of life, his mother inherited the family business and took care of her children on her own.

After finishing his school, Hirata didn’t immediately choose to work as a tofu maker. He took a job as a train driver in the Japan National Railway. After that, he changed job and started working in a company which manufactured sport goods.It was then he realized he didn’t want to work in an established corporation, but he would prefer to do something by himself. As time went by, the feeling of independence and venture grew stronger and stronger.

In 2003, he finally decided to take over the tofu store.

It was partly because of his mother who took care of the family and maintained the business for a long time. She became old, and it was time for him to take over.

However, heavy pressure of taking over the long history of family business fell upon him.


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