JULY 7. 2015 / CULTURE

The World Through The Eyes of The Youth

1985 was the historical year when the town of Higashikawa was proclaimed as the “Town of Photography”.
Being the only one in the world, the town has been aiming to make their identity known to the entire nation, and with such goal, the town has been organizing various events such photo competitions that allow local and even international participants - of diverse age groups, to see, experience, and connect to the town of Higashikawa through photography.

The town has recognized the power of interaction that the locals and their visitors get to experience in Higashikawa, through the aid of their cameras they are able to get to know the town of Higashikawa in a much personal perspective.

The “Shashin Koshien”, is one of the many avenues in which the town aims to promote their identity.
It is the national photography contest that caters to the high school photography clubs all over Japan.

The first Shashin Koshien was held in 1994, and 2015 marks the 22nd year of the competition.
This year, 514 schools applied in the first round of the Shashin Koshien, and they were judged in 11 regional blocks, and from there, 18 of the best schools were chosen to take part in the main contest that will be held in the town of Higashikawa in August 4 to 7, 2015.

The highlight of the Shashin Koshien is to be able to showcase the viewpoints of high school students, through photographs, how they interact and interpret the environment that they are in.

By encouraging the youth to engage in the Shashin Koshie, the town is able to uphold its aspiration to spread its identity, not just throughout the nation, but, also to the generations to come.

Shashin Koshien