JUN 26. 2015 / REPORT

Asahidake Mountain Festival -NUPURI-KOR-KAMUYNOMI-

On the 20th of June, we went up Mt. Asahidake to attend the annual festival, a celebration of the beginning of the mountain season.
It was our very first time to actually experience the event.

We fulfilled our appetite at the outdoor food stands and enjoyed the skillful performance of Hagoromo-taiko(drum).

After the drum performance came to a dramatic end, there was a ceremonial sunset bonfire that glowed beautifully and serenely.

As part of the ceremony, more than 100 people, the young and the old, marched around the bonfire.
It continued to burn, raising smoke up to the sky with our prayer to the god of the mountain.

Their faces of the people turned red because of the heat, but they kept dancing the traditional Ainu dance.
It’s all for the sake of those who visit the mountain, so that they can come and go safely.
I too wish all mountaineers a great adventure!

(snowbugs/K, photo by snowbugs & Lifan Deng)