MAY 22. 2015 / NATURE

Asahidake-Sugatami area says hello to Spring!

The 10-minute ride in the Asahidake Ropeway will take you to Asahidake-Sugatami area where you can still enjoy the snow and the views of the Asahidake weather in an altitude of 1,600m.

You can experience walking around the pure, white snow by wearing rental boots from the Sugatami Station. It takes about 1 hour to 1.5 hours to explore the surroundings of the Sugatami area, so do not forget to protect yourself by wearing sunglasses and jacket.

As snow begins to melt, alpine flowers such as Crowberries, Alpine Azaleas, and Arcterica Nanas and many other Alpine plants start to bloom and will grow until August.

The Sugatami and Kagami ponds are still covered with snow, but, the Suribachi pond is now beginning to melt, creating a blue pond surrounded by snow that you can only see this time of the year.

Around the area you will hear various wild birds like, the Spotted Nutchracker, Siberian Rubythroat, and the Pine Grosbeak. The Tamias Sibiricus Lineatus(Siberian Chipmunk) that has been hibernating is now awake and running around.

Also, in the surrounding foothill stations, Skunk Cabbages and Caltha Palustris var. Barthei(a variety of Marsh-Marigold) are blooming all over.

The Daisetsuzan surrounding area has been designated as a National Park.Let’s enjoy it and cherish the beautiful nature!

Asahidake ropeway
Asahidake Visitor Center